Lawrence Conyers

About Us

Oculum is led by Lawrence Conyers, a UK-leading media specialist with an international reputation. He’s won global awards for marketing and film production. Oculum produce a variety of corporate videos throughout the UK, including Newcastle, Leeds, Bradford, Manchester and London.

From the start of his career, Lawrence has pioneered the use of media to engage with target audiences. His mission is to help companies leap ahead through powerful, strategic and effective video.

Lawrence is also a published author, an experienced actor, theatrical director, photographer and an independent filmmaker.

"I’m a passionate lover of world-class communication: Say it accurately, appropriately, and effectively"

"You need to get right under the hood of a subject and understand the detail to reveal the
big overview which is SO satisfying.

Only then can you see how all the pieces fit together like a puzzle.
Misplace one element and the structure falls.

That applies to Science, History - and as it turns out, Marketing."

"I'm also a massive Science geek (cosmology mainly), history nut and am listed on IMDB Logo.
I've written a book on Time Travel and can comfortably understand Viking..."

"... and yes, I often wear a flat cap when walking.
But it's ok.... I'm a Yorkshireman." The Yorkshire Rose