Look back a just over a decade.

In 2007, ipods and mp3 players had headphone jacks for you to listen to Leona Lewis, the latest X-factor winner.

You probably still watched old ‘standard definition’ TV news at 6 o’clock on a heavy CRT TV, which might have featured Michael Jackson. A devastating world-wide financial collapse was a ridiculous thought and there were only 5 Harry Potter movies to watch - WHEN a terrestrial TV channel decided to show them.

The world has changed dramatically. Your customers’ behaviour has changed dramatically too. Here are just 2 of the ways this change has impacted your business.

2007 Social Proof and Online Video

2007 iPhone

MySpace was more popular than Facebook.

'Social Proof' meant having star ratings or reviews on a third-party website and was considered an optional extra.

Corporate sales messages carried most weight, using photos and descriptions to sell products.

Video online was limited in quality and painfully slow. Mobile video was virtually impossible as flip-phones could only access special mobile versions of websites on their 2 inch screens. It seems like a lifetime ago.

If you were on AT&T in the United States, the new iPhone had a huge 3.5 inch screen but was only capable of 320x480 pixel resolution.

2017 Social Proof and Online Video

Social Proof on Facebook

Ask a teenager now if they use Myspace and they'll not know what you're talking about.

‘Social Proof’ almost exclusively determines everything from what appears on your Facebook timeline to your business’s Google placement. If you don’t have social proof, you don’t exist.

Consumers demand and trust immediate evidence from their friends and people like them, right there on your website:

  • testimonials
  • references
  • 360degree video
  • Unboxing videos
  • Usage soak test videos

If you don’t show them these about your product, they’ll do a Youtube search for them and likely find another supplier.

Once a buyer has left your website, the chances of a sale are reduced to practically zero. Manipulating Social Proof is thought to have influenced the U.S. Presidential Election result in 2016.

ByL.A.Conyers | 2/30/18

Which management chair is the most important?

It used to be the case that the most important person in a company was the M.D. / C.E.O, or the F.D. Things have changed. These days, the fortunes of an SME are far more greatly impacted by someone often appointed by accident...

2007 Advertising and Targeting

2007 Computer

If people felt confident to do so, they’d shop online using a computer, a PC (with Windows Vista or XP) or a Mac.

Suspicion and safety concerns were common.

Online Adverts were general in nature, delivering a banner advert message to as many people as possible using images and text in the hope that a certain proportion of viewers would find the ad relevant.

Consumers gave themselves an overview of a product online, then went to a 'brick & mortar' store to make a purchase, where they were guided by the salesman.

The salesman is dead, long live the knowledgeable consumer, who demands to know more about a product before purchase than ever before, and demands to know what their friends think of it.

51% of people research products casually on their phone, then use a tablet or pad to research further and buy it. Giving people an engaging experience and keeping them on your website has become vital.

Personalised Advert

Advertising can now be micro-targeted to small groups or even individuals, based on their behaviour, location and what they’re thinking. This makes incredibly relevant adverts which are therefore incredibly powerful.

If a user with a smartphone was searching for Pepperoni Pizza on Facebook last night and walks past a Pizza shop today, the shop can send them a personalised video ad right there on the spot, showing them delicious Pepperoni Pizza and perhaps offering a limited time discount for their use only.