You’ve probably heard from various sources that businesses ‘must’ have a corporate video and use video marketing – which is all well and good (as you’d expect, we totally agree!).

But exactly WHY must businesses use video, what difference does it make?

How does using video make any difference to what YOU are wanting to achieve in your business, how is it relevant to your particular business needs?

Here are the top 5 ways in which video makes such an immense difference, it knocks the ball clean out of the park

S.E.O. and Social Authority

Google Rankings

It’s long been the case that Google gives enhanced ranking positions to websites which use video. Facebook promotes posts and content which uses video FAR more than any other kind of content. Your chance of being on the first page of a Google search are 53x greater if your homepage has a video on it.

As any web expert will tell you, SEO goalposts and techniques are constantly changing: it’s a black art (and an expensive one) trying to beat the system.

The one thing you can do which makes more difference than anything else – is use video on your website.

As for Facebook – try it yourself. Post a block of text and see how many people even see it. They’re too busy clicking on videos of kittens and funny dances, so Facebook often doesn’t even bother showing your block of text on their timeline.

Post a video, and will get shown to twice the number of people, without even trying.

Use video as a targetted ad, and you're really cooking...


Partly for the reasons mentioned above, Advertising using video rather than words and pictures convert into clicks and sales at a massively increased rate.

Video makes adverts more effective at lower cost

Video adverts keep people engaged longer and help them see the product in an entirely different way – resulting in FAR higher click-through, higher action when the viewer sees a call-to-action, and more sales.

Video adverts cost significantly less – a double whammy.

Explaner Video

Let me give you an example – how does an ordinary petrol combustion engine works in a car?

Here’s the link to the Wikipedia page: If you’re mechanically minded and can muster the mental effort of reading it, you’ll get all the information... eventually...

How much will you remember? Is it a bit boring? Hard work?

Compare that with a video such as this one from Science Please!. Everything you need to know in 1 minute 20 seconds.

There – now you know how engines work - and why there’s no better way of explaining a product than with video.


The engine example also proves this point in no small way. I bet you clicked on the video to watch it, didn't you?

Social Media Sharing

People are psychologically drawn to video.

Incredibly, 92% of people who watch a video on their mobile end up sharing it.

Video on an ecommerce website keeps people on the site 2 minutes longer, and it only takes a few seconds to add some optional extras to the cart. You can buy a lot in 2 minutes...

If they spot a video anywhere on the internet, there’s more than a 60% chance they’ll watch it. Video is shared FAR more than any other content type on social media.

If they’re sharing YOUR video, your content is being seen.

Direct Financial Impact

Direct Financial Impact

This is the whole point for many businesses. Video directly generates more business.

For B2C ecommerce, shopping cart values can be a whopping 174% higher when product videos are used, and the chance of somebody buying your product is almost double if they watch a video about it.

When it comes to B2B products and services, two thirds of decision-making executives visit a supplier’s website immediately after viewing their video, with a corresponding increase in them contacting you.

The great majority of business decision makers say they would rather watch a video than read a document with the same content.

It’s easier for them, faster and more effective – it gets the message over to them powerfully and effectively.

Here’s the bottom line:

Companies which use video grow 49% faster than those which don’t.

Video has a direct financial benefit in terms of generating actual sales to all businesses, in addition to the dozens of indirect benefits.