From the first cold wet rain of Autumn, throughout Winter and well into the following Spring, tourist attractions can find it hard to cope with the often drastic reduction in visitor numbers due the change in weather.

Effectively marketing and promoting an attraction becomes even more essential.

Sizzle, not Sausage!

A planet full of new eyes

In short, attractions and locations very often sell sizzle, not sausage. The visitor buys the whole experience of the visit, not the coffee and buildings. They buy the future memory of a happy sunny fun week away, not the hotel room. They buy excitement and anticipation, not 45 seconds of bungee jump.

The phrase "Sizzle, not Sausage" means that the face-value product is not actually what the customer goes for, it's the emotional effect of the product they want.


When it comes to selling tourist attractions, very often, the visual aspect isn’t the actual product being sold.

That’s why we use Storism – Stories for Tourism to show the true heart of your business. We know that your viewers don’t buy locations or buildings, they buy emotions, experiences, aspirations, anticipations and memories.

Video is the best way of delivering emotions like these by a country mile.

We will work with you to plan a video that grabs the true heart of your attraction and helps you draw in visitors all year round. We help you sell what your visitors want to buy.

This way of film-making is also great way to promote new developments at your attraction.

Don’t tell them, SHOW them

Videos are a fantastic way to showcase any tourist attraction, displaying it in all it’s glory. But the video has to deliver the right emotion.

There are any number of cinematic techniques and technologies available; time-lapses, slow-motion, drone footage – all of which help take the viewer on an emotional journey and deliver them right at your booking form.

Here at Oculum, we can provide bespoke video production to show your business in the perfect light. From animation to drone footage we can provide the best video material to really resonate with your audience.

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