Showcase Your Business

One of the best ways to incorporate video into your existing strategy is to use it to show your customers what your company is about. This could be displaying the products you have for sale or providing more information about the services you offer.

Dan Martell sums up some fundamentals nicely in his video, highlighting the important difference between 'Product Tour' and 'Product Demo'

Bring Testimonials to Life

Client testimonials are crucial to the success of your business, and that’s why you must take pride in sharing them with your audience.

However, testimonials have to be constructed and promoted in such a way that potential future clients know they are genuine. A great way to do this is by having your clients leave a video testimonial.

This puts a face to your clients and adds to the credibility of your business.

Apple used Testimonials to great effect in 2002, using them to form an entire, very direct marketing campaign. Note that the ad makes virtually no mention of the product itself, relying almost entirely on the testimonial of users.

Keep Your Branding Original

Keeping your business relevant can be difficult, so it’s important to make sure are up with the latest trends and keeping your branding fresh.

A great way of doing this is to incorporate videos into your marketing.

  • On your Social Media
  • On your Website
  • Linked from your emails

It shows a modern side to your business and allows you to switch up your branding on a regular basis!

Engage with Your Audience

Engaging with your audience is incredibly important in modern marketing.

Videos add a personality to your business which can bring you closer to your audience, and far more significantly - make them feel closer to you.

They allow you to speak with your audience through the mediums such as Live videos in which clients can take part in a live Q&A or Webinars, which can be developed as parts of a sales funnel to help increase your customer base.

Accidental Cat Filter on Pakistani Minister

Just be sure not to make any blunders similar to the one made by a Pakistani Minister recently at a live press conference - when the 'Cat Filter' was accidentally left on... The fact that this made headline news rather emphasises the power and memorability of live videos...

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