It Brings Your Business into The Digital Marketing Age

93% Of Marketers use video graphic

One of the main ways business grow in the 21st century is through online avenues such as a website or social media. So, a great addition to promote your business on those outlets is with a corporate video.

It allows you to show a modern side to your business and give people an immediate insight into what you do without the need for lots of research.

Its Personal

Zig Ziglar famously said 'People buy from people' and this is totally true.

68% of top 50 internet retails use video

If your business is seen to be a corporate machine, chances are you will limit your customer base. Whereas if you are seen to be approachable and friendly, customers will be more inclined to buy from you. A corporate video is a great way of doing this as it gives you a chance to voice your business in personal way that is not just a paragraph of cold text.

Instead it can feature you and the team, helping your customers put a face to the name.

It Raises Awareness Easily

Visitors who watch video stay on websites 2 minutes longer

Customers tend not to dig deep when it comes to learning more about your business, instead they want everything handed to them on a plate. Which is why a corporate video is a great way to provide your customers with an easy overview of your business that gives them all the information they need to know.

This can be placed on your website or social media, meaning that in just a click of a button your customers will understand you and your services.

It Increases Your SEO

Video increases Google rankings by 53%

You may not think google rankings are a main way to increase your customer base, but that’s where you are wrong. If customers can not find you on search engines, how will they know you exist? That’s why a video is a great way to improve your search rankings. Google loves videos and by placing one on your website, it automatically tells Google you are a website that is regularly updated, pushing you up the search ranking.

Here at Oculum Productions, we can help bring your business to life with an exceptional corporate video, unique to you! Our experienced team can create a strategy going forward, a catchy script focusing on all of the information you need featured in your video, high quality filming equipment to produce a HD video as well as production and editing to create the perfect finish.

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