360-degree Video

Since 360 videos have become popular, they have taken the market by storm and deliver a truly immersive, interactive experience. This year the 360 video is set to flourish, offering higher quality which can be filmed from the smallest of mobile devices.

The businesses who will benefit most from this spectacular technology are the ones who sell a visually impactful product; Estate agents, Holiday resorts, Builders, Hoteliers and many many more.

If you want to put your customers somewhere, throw them right into the middle of it. Don’t ask them to imagine what it’s like to be there, show them.

Story Telling

Nobody likes being sold to – but everyone likes a story.

Making your business personal is a time-tested technique that wins customers and creates a friendly feel. That’s why story telling in videos is going to be a big trend this year.

You may have already seen advertisements telling stories to sell their products and it’s a way of hooking your audience in a way that is not just a pure sales pitch.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (VR & AR) have been making a heavy mark over the past few years. It might surprise you that use of “Immersive Mixed Reality Technology” by industry and business far outweighs use in the leisure and gaming sector (as seen in games like “Pokemon Go”)

Cutting-edge engineering and medical companies use AR in product design and diagnoses, but it can also be a highly motivational tool.

The message delivered by the Weather Channel using AR is strong, urgent, indisputable and was astonishingly effective. It probably saved lives and caught so much attention, it warranted a news article of its own.

Smart businesses are investing heavily in VR and AR to sell their business stories.


Video is everywhere but the way we consume it changes constantly.

3-minute corporate videos have become a specialised niche, and even the 90 second promo is regarded as far too long on many platforms such as Facebook.

Thanks to “Snap” and “Insta”, so-called micro-videos are increasingly popular – and are highly effective because they force the message to be distilled into short, bite-sized chunks.

Does your audience have the patience to be “sold to” for a full minute? Probably not.

Will your audience glance at 15 seconds of video to get 1, single, powerful message? Far more likely.

Education, education, education

Whilst it's true that we all learn in different ways, the stats repeatedly prove that video is by far the most popular and effective way for people to absorb learning content.

If your business needs to educate or deliver knowledge to customers before they make a purchase, and you’re not using video – check out your competitors. Chances are high that they’re using video.

Virgin Atlantic flyers no longer have to pretend to give their full attention to the friendly stewardess trying her best to deliver a demonstrate how to fasten / unfasten the seatbelt. Even the most infrequent flyers have 'seen it all before'.

What's needed is an impactful, memorable way of delivering the message - and Virgin Atlantic have absolutely nailed it with their animated video to do just that.

Here at Oculum Productions we offer award winning videos to keep your business one step ahead of the rest. Our bespoke videos offer your company a new way of showcasing your products and we aim to keep up with the latest video trends, keeping your business modern!

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