Ever since Google bought YouTube, it’s ranking algorithms have given extra weight to websites which use video. Google likes you if you drive people’s eyes to their ads.


The number of searches done from within Youtube quickly exceeded those from the Google search home page… and then a little thing called Facebook happened.

Facebook’s formula is to serve you more of what you like. If you show interest in something, Facebook will give you more of it.

People liked and share videos – so Facebook increased the priority it gave to video content and video content marketing found itself at the centre of an intense positive feedback loop.

These days, due to the overwhelming majority of all internet traffic now being video, it’s no exaggeration to think of the internet as a video service, punctuated by other types of content.

Video is SO easy for our brains to consume

Our Brains Love Video

We prefer it to everything else. Video is nicely processed, sugar-coated, entertaining, nutritious information which gives us so much more emotional fulfilment than cardboard text.

Smart businesses know that they absolutely must get video right because it has such a dramatic influence on everything else. It:

  • Reduces website bounce rate (people leaving your website almost immediately)
  • Increases website homepage click-through (to a product page or a ‘contact us’ page)
  • Increases number of website sales
  • Increases value of ecommerce shopping carts
  • Increases visitor time spent on a website
  • Drastically increases landing page conversion rates (sign ups to newsletters)
  • Reduces email unsubscribe rates
  • Doubles content sharing (posts, blogs and so on)
  • Greatly increases content retention (people remember things in video)
  • Increases call-to-action effectiveness
  • Drastically increases SEO “authority” (by up to 530%!)
  • Increases viewer interaction
  • Increases advertising click-through
  • Reduces advertising costs

In every company doing business in these days, the person responsible for the video has more direct influence over the success or failure of the business than any other person.

The director's chair is now the most important chair in the company.

Alarmingly, this vital role is often an afterthought with responsibility for video being landed on someone's desk - they end up looking after video by accident. The Marketing Manager isn't an expert at video, but it's on his desk. Likewise, the Sales Manager, the Product Line Managers, the Cleaner.

Did you know...

Over 2.1 BILLION people, over a quarter of the population of the planet, have watched 1 single video – 'Gangnam Style', by Psy - making it the most-watched video of all time. It even surpasses Armstrong's 'One Small Step' moonlanding clip, although in time no doubt, that will change. Figures vary, but Psy is reputed to have made at least $15million in ad revenue from Youtube views alone. Realising that he could never repeat this phenominal success, Psy stepped down from the music industry, to maintain his place in history.

ByL.A.Conyers | 2/30/18

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