ByS.Coates | 11/01/19

Why your business should be on Youtube

In the modern business world, being online is crucial to your business presence. You may be on social media, but have you thought about how much of a benefit YouTube can be for your business?

By S.Coates | 30/01/19

Top 5 Video Trends for 2019

Video production has come a long way since it was first used by businesses. With so many trends to keep up with, here is a run down on the top 5 video trends for 2019 that you need to be aware of

ByL.A.Conyers | 1/30/18

Why 'Viral Videos' are a bad idea

Attempting to create a 'Viral Video' can seem like a great idea - but it has potential to backfire badly, generating powerful negative perception of your brand or company.

ByL.A.Conyers | 2/30/18

Which management chair is the most important?

It used to be the case that the most important person in a company was the M.D. / C.E.O, or the F.D. Things have changed. These days, the fortunes of an SME are far more greatly impacted by someone often appointed by accident...

By S.Coates | 1/01/19

Top 4 Reasons YOU Need A Corporate Video

Videos are set to completely take over the internet in 2019 and it’s vital that your business moves with the times. We look at why you will benefit from a corporate video for your company

ByL.A.Conyers | 1/03/18

Five ways to Fail at Facebook video

At every turn, you’ve read that using video is the only way you’re likely to have any kind of impact on Facebook at a reasonable cost is by using video – and it doesn’t work. Why? What happened? Dammit, what went wrong?

ByL.A.Conyers | 1/03/18

How long should my Corporate Video be?

How do you decide what is too short and too long?
It should be obvious that there’s no 'one size fits all' ideal video running length, but there are some vital guidelines. It depending on what you're aiming to achieve...

ByL.A.Conyers | 1/30/18

Is your crap video damaging your business?

Video is so powerful because it speaks directly to a very primitive part of the viewer's brain. But that power wielded badly can be devastating. Here are the TOP 10 video blunders which directly cost your business money

ByL.A.Conyers | 2/30/18

5 ways video knocks it out of the park for you

It’s no secret that Google gives enhanced ranking positions to websites which use video. Facebook promotes video content to timelines 2x more than any other kind. Here are the Top 5 ways in which video has maximum impact on your business

ByL.A.Conyers | 2/30/18

How to NOT be ripped off by a video company

With so many small businesses and online services offering cheap video, how do you know what's going to work, and what's going to be a waste of money? Here are the 3 BIG RED FLAGS to watch out for.

ByL.A.Conyers | 2/30/18

The truth behind video production costs

Pricing a service can be difficult, which leads some people to assume that the price attached to video production has been pulled out of thin air. Here's an honest run-down of what affects cost what doesn't

ByL.A.Conyers | 1/30/18

Why Spending £97 could cost you £1000s

Online video tools might look like a great low-cost idea at the time, but could cost your business thousands in the long run. If hiring a professional seems expensive, wait until you've hired an amateur - and that amateur is you.