Effective video doesn't cost the earth

(but incorrectly budgeting could damage your business)

'Don't tell me what you value, show me your budget, and I'll tell you what you value' - Joe Biden (46th President of the U.S.)

Allocating the correct budget to invest in video is sometimes thought of as difficult because it depends entirely on what is needed to achieve your business purpose.

Movie studios only invest multi-million dollar budgets when they expect a multiple return on that investment.

They can find the money to put a man on the moon if the return on that investment makes it worthwhile.

Sometimes, the cheapest option is the right one.

We will work with you to finalise an appropriate budget as part of your marketing plan. Feel free to call us for an informal chat at any time on 0330 223 4409.

As a very broad rule of thumb, many businesses allocate around 10% of annual turnover to marketing, then apportion that 10% to various on-line and off-line marketing and promotional activities (including video, website, ads, networking, trade shows etc.).

There are always ways to compromise on spend, but compromising on value makes no business sense.

If Budgetting for video is done from a business-focussed point-of-view, it's never the wrong budget:

The cost of any video production is 'How much work is involved', and has nothing to do with 'how long the video is'.

10 seconds of 'Star Wars' cost a lot more to produce than 10 hours of mobile phone selfie.

We usually work on a fixed day rate, so:

If you define what budget is sensible for you, we can define what can be done for that budget.


If you define what is required, we can accurately tell you what the budget must be.